Pepper Potts, CEO.
I don't think you could tie your shoes without me.


"I thought I promoted you because I was very slowly dying" Tony teased, reaching over to take her hand in his "I love you"

Pepper turned on her heel, expression cold as ice. “I don’t forgive you,” she replied, suddenly smiling brightly at him before kissing the corner of his mouth.


"I am very pregnant and you’re asking me what’s wrong?" Toni asked Pepper incredulously, shaking her head again and letting out a laugh "I want to name our son after you and you’re just…not even entertaining the idea"

"Alright — Alright, I’m sorry. It’s very flattering that you want to name our child after me, but I want to name them after you," he told her, lifting a hand into his. "We’re going to be arguing about this until they’re born."


He paused for a few seconds, before her words registered and he grinned, quickly following his wife. “I like your ideas, y’know”

"I know, that’s why you promoted me, remember?" Actually, if she’d had her way, she’d have been CEO for a lot longer than she had been. 


"Because you won’t even agree to think about letting me name him after you" Toni told him loudly, pushing away from him and shaking her head "I’m going for a bath"

"You’re angry at me?" Pepper asked increduously, throwing his arms into the air. "What’s wrong?"


"I just want to name our son after his dad" Toni whispered, closing her eyes and licking her lips "What’s so wrong with that?"

"And I want to name them after their mother," Pepper retorted, shaking his head. "Why is that so hard to understand?"


Terrible? Okay then, I won’t do such thing again.


   Wait, did you want more children after this one?


     You’re not though, are you?


      Answer the question.


       ❝ really? you’ve heard about me?
           i’m hoping it’s all good things? 


    wonderful things. captain rogers
    has quite a lot to say about you —
    and the other agents, of course.


Don’t you have a corporation to run?


   I always find time in my day
   to brighten someone else’s.