Pepper Potts, CEO.
I don't think you could tie your shoes without me.

I think I’m going to put this blog, and my others, on hiatus for a few days. I just need a break from Tumblr, and to recuperate a little bit.

Anonymous ASKED:
i didn't really like pepper and now i do and that's because ofyou and how you play her

gah! you’re so sweet and thank you so much, i only hope i’m doing her justice.



   Your baby enjoys it.

     I, on the other hand, do not.



"I’m kinda…living with you guys.
In the tower, I mean.”

    “He… actually didn’t
     mention that. Not,
     that I mind. It’s a pleasure
     to have you in the tower.”


  See, I told you I would get you to try it.


        It’s amazing, right? 

  — I wouldn’t say amazing.


   Any particular reason why you’re trying to give me a heart attack?!


    — I was checking you were listening. Apparently, you are. Although, I am curious to know what your reaction would be if I was pregnant.

mexican waves you all in this direction


Peaceful co-habitation, if it ever had existed, was short lived. 

             independent charles xavier roleplay. 
             setting is before the final act of XMFC
             single-verse + single ship; panfandom. 
             mun and muse are 18+; not safe for work
             script and prose are done and welcomed. 
             mun has been roleplaying for eight years 

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"Maybe you’re being unrealistic about what’s really in your pants other than your wallet."
- Selina Kyle

Pepper Potts + style