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Pepper Potts, CEO.
I don't think you could tie your shoes without me.


She doesn’t know I’m doing it


        … Sign the papers.


Ivy stole my glasses.


Blaming your daughter? That is — rude.


Well it’s all fine print when I can’t find my glasses


   That is no excuse.


He jumped a little when she touched him, then turned to look at her, swallowing nervously.  Suddenly he didn’t feel like this was strictly about a painting anymore.  ”Miss Potts?”


"Sorry," she replied after a moment, shaking her head softly as she moved her hand from his cheek. "We both have a lot of work to do, no?"


I was busy carefully reading all the fine print…..


    — There is no fine print. You sign it, and hand it back to me.


"I don’t do lunch dates with other women or… have lunch." Was she being jealous? No. She was Pepper Potts. The perfect Pepper Potts. Why would she just—- Shaking his head a little, Tony dropped his gaze to the ground just like her, his eyes on his expensive shoes as they walked through the halls of Stark Industries, he could feel eyes on them and it was ..weird. “I don’t do dates, Ms.Potts. You know that.” And it was true. Dating meant… well, led serious things. Which Tony was avoiding from the beginning. Yes, he sometimes had dinner with women, which lasted for an hour or so and after that, they always found themselves in his bedroom or a hotel bed.  


"I’m busy, you’re busy. We both love being busy." He simply shrugged. Yes, he’d missed seeing Pepper everyday like the times when she was his PA, but she was the only person in his life that he trusted to hand away the company. Plus, she deserved it. He knew how hard she worked even though he was away. "If I didn’t know you, I’d think you were jealous of them."

"So, every time you wine and fine a woman, it’s not a date?" Pepper questioned incredulously - she didn’t believe for a second that Tony Stark didn’t call them dates in order to get more dates. Then again — "I actually hate being busy. It’s the bane of my working life. I prefer to be completely relaxed about work. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen a huge amount," the latter part of her phrasing was slightly dull, as if hinting at something more than just the work. And she was. Tony Stark hardly made her relax - she worried more for him than for herself.

“— Jealous?” Pepper spat, furrowing her brow as she turned to look at him. “Why would I be jealous of any woman who ‘dates’ you? Or dated. Whichever fits the circumstance.” In all honesty, however, she was a little jealous. Tony Stark had, over the years, become her best friend, and she had wished to see him settle down.



       They each took a side of the house. They set their boundaries and territory. I’ll have you know that my son was on team Lord C — he liked how soft his fur was.

        I’m glad — a little disheartening for the sausages, but I’m glad he wasn’t a hassle.


"If we move this one…" Tony took down an O’Keefe floral that he’d always felt a bit sexually uncomfortable about, "there’ll be room here, and the flowers can go… maybe in the guest room?"


     ”—The guest room? I guess so, I trust your judgement,” she was about to turn away when she paused and clamped a hand onto his shoulder, before brushing her thumb of his cheek.